Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The first of May and a crib! :)

How can it be May already???? Don't get me wrong, the faster this summer goes by, the better for me! But I'm still shocked that we are almost 1/2 through 2012! Here is my 19 week tummy. . .

I started feeling very distinct movement last week and it is amazing! I love feeling my little one roll around and flip. Well except for last night when LO ran into my bladder! I've started calling the baby "pumpkin" since it will be making an early fall arrival! (That and I was tired of mixing up my pronouns since we aren't finding out the gender.)
I'm even ready for Pumpkin's arrival with a pumpkin cap! :)

In our most exciting news this week (it is only Tuesday though, so lots can still happen!) our crib arrived yesterday afternoon! We were itching to spend the evening building the crib, but we already had guests coming for dinner last night. So it is still in pieces, but ready for assembly!
Black antiqued Crib

Back piece

These little guys have recently become my favorite friend in the morning! I gave up coffee cold turkey for the first 4 months, but lately I've been sooooo tired that I finally gave in. Half-caff is an awesome go-between! Still not a lot of caffeine but enough to ease the headaches I've been having.

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